[Experience] “Division 2.0 … No, I’ve played Division 2”


“Divison 2”, the successor of “Division”, conducted a private beta test for 5 days from the 7th prior to the formal release. 

Maybe it’s a beta test that many gamers have been waiting for. I finally got a chance to experience Division 2 finally. I also installed ‘Division 2’ on a month and enjoyed the weekend games. So now I want to share my testimony about the beta test. As a result, this “Division 2” beta was full of regrets. Not that I did not make it. It’s Ubisoft. 

‘Division 2’ which was able to experience through Beta was full of the fragrance of the previous work in many ways. If you did not know that it was the sequel to the basic UI, the contents of the battle system such as the skill and the equipment, the echo, etc., it is mistaken as the first one. Of course, it’s not exactly the same game. Overall, I wanted to keep the advantages and system of the previous work, but to improve the disadvantages. 

The problem is that the improvement was not noticeable. I wanted to make it too short, so I had to do it for a few hours, but I was rather disappointed. I felt that it was ambiguous, whether it was a sequel or an expansion pack. “Division 2” is one of the things that matter.

As mentioned earlier, ‘Division 2’ inherits the features and systems of the previous work. But there is also a new point in ‘Division 2’. It’s a bottle, a system and a signature weapon. Sharp shooter with a target sniper rifle, survivor with a special crossbow, and three demolitionists using a grenade launcher. 

At first glance, it looks pretty plausible. In the previous work, it seems that the division is clearer than the link skill that temporarily separated the role group. It also seemed more so because of the presence of signature weapons that are exposed externally. But actually it was different. It was a signature weapon that could knock some powerful enemies into just a few rooms, but I could not shoot a few missions from the mission, and I could hardly notice the difference between them.

▲ No matter how strong you are, you can only shoot 4 of your missions.

Signature weapons are a sort of ultimate weapon like link skill, so it’s understandable that there are restrictions on the supply of weapons. Link skill also has a strong ability, because the cooldown was long. Therefore, it may be a matter of course that there are restrictions on the use of signature weapons in order to sort out enemies that have hundreds or thousands of feet in general. 

But the problem is that we are so proud of our illnesses, systems and signature weapons, but mana. It is not difficult to meet the conditions in the situation where the special shot is falling and the special shot is fallen. This is why I would rather not have distinguished the difference from the previous chapter’s link skill more clearly than the “Division 2” sickness. 

If you do this, I think it would be better to put the dedicated equipment in the first place. I am weaker than a signature weapon, but I have a differentiation that is stronger than a common weapon. You can change the bottle at any time, so you can choose the equipment you need depending on what you are doing. I will feel a bit of pleasure because I use it freely instead of just wrapping it up like a bomb.

The sickness of this illness and system is not only the signature weapon. Let’s talk about the Destiny series and the recently released Anthouses. Both games are similar to the Divide series in a bigger frame. FPS / TPS and RPG mixed game. And as a game with RPG elements, there are classes and armed with exclusive skills. 

So what about “Division 2”? First, there is a dedicated skill. There is a new skill at all, but there is a dedicated skill that can be used by each skill in the detailed menu of each skill. In Beta, I was able to identify the bombardment turrets that could only be used by the demolitionist, and the mines that led to the repair of the survivalist armor.

▲ There is a bottle and a special skill …

However, the problem is that this is also a somewhat obscure element to distinguish between diseases. Bombardment turret, all right. I feel it is the skill of a demolishist. However, there is a problem that the cooldown is too long. The skill is secondary and the core is total. This is why it is so easy to forget the existence of the exclusive skill and it is not only the skill which is independent from the bottle, but the submenu which is only the submenu. 

The fact that a common dron bomber can replace a turret can also be a factor in diluting the personality of the bottle. Both of them are a kind of skill to put a wide range of skill, and even if you are not a demolitionist, you can feel a similar sense.

The Division Series is characterized by the fact that it tackles TPS and RPG. It is based on cover, but it is a way to go through the crisis with various skills. Thanks to the simple TPS, I had a new fun that I would not have felt. But this is not just an advantage. The advantages and disadvantages of the RPG element are the same. That is, the enemy’s physical strength is too much. 

Of course, it is also a part that can not be helped. If enemies in high-level missions die in a room with headshots, they will shake the foundation of the game called item farming. Therefore, unlike most RPGs, enemies or bosses who appear in high-level missions will be proud of their immense personalities.

The problem is that this has caused many users to feel a sense of distance. It seems to have been more because the enemies were humans as well as the modern background. I was a man of the body, but I felt that it was awkward to die because I had to put a head shot in a thousand feet. 

Perhaps, Ubisoft would have known these users’ complaints. But I could not change this right now. Basically, high-level missions are designed to increase the enemy’s stamina. Lowering your stamina will weaken your motivation for item farming, and it’s almost as if you have another problem. In the end, Ubisoft was forced to keep the system by crying and eating mustard, so that the enemy was ridiculed as Bullet Sponge in the sense that the enemy sucked the bullet like a sponge. 

That changed in ‘Division 2’. First, the enemy’s stamina is noticeably lowered. Headshot Not dying in one room, but eliminating the need to shoot thousands of feet against an enemy like the previous one. Of course, it is not that easy. Instead, the enemy’s AI has become more sophisticated. This change has changed the battle tempo more aggressively and faster.

It may be a question at this point. At first, I was full of regrets, but I praised it. Well, let me tell you something that is not so good. It is not so new to conclude about this change in ‘Division 2’. In the case of the hyena, which is an early force, usually an assault rifle, a thief, and a rifle go together. In the case of an assault rifle, it is the way to knock down as soon as possible before you come near, then throwing a grenade, and finally knocking down a rifle. 

I could say that it was not just early content, but there was no big difference in the intrusion Mission Jefferson trade center, the end content that I could experience in Beta. I have a new four-legged walking robot, and I have not had a new one. I can not feel the difference because the previous work and the level design are almost the same.

Also, in the case of intermediate bosses or bosses, it is also true that the result of the armor that was introduced instead of the physical strength results in the feeling that it is a sophomore. Especially when I was dealing with a packed enemy with a body armor. I do not see the armor, so I just have to shoot myself until I get the bodyshell off. 

I wondered if the bullet sponge had disappeared from this area. It is obvious that the general enemies have less physical strength, but the boss level is not so. I would rather have less hesitation if I had to put a certain gimmick against an enemy with such a degree of defense. I have already attacked with the weaknesses of guns and gas tanks from the previous work.

This is the ‘division’ that makes you feel refined in many ways, but that’s not all. I have a system that I have introduced. It is a skill system. Some systems, such as drone bombers and turret turrets, have become more user friendly and more strategically usable. However, there is also a problem here. This is a bummer. 

Those who have tried it will know. The division series is basically covered with silver, but you have to hit the battlefield everywhere. But what if I have to manipulate the drones or turrets? This is difficult. It’s pretty strong, but it’s awkward to fit properly. It’s not just that you have to use skills while on the move. It was designed to be difficult to manipulate in the first place. If it is near, it will move to some extent, but if the distance is long, it will not be able to write properly. It can be an ironic part of making combat so that it becomes a skill to assist the battle.

However, the battle of ‘Division 2’ is still in progress. I do not give you medicine or medicine. What I was able to experience through this beta is a very small part of this book. Even if it is end content, it does not appear only one thing, and it is unreasonable to talk about the whole thing in this one. In addition, when you look at the example of the attacking mission that was the end content of the previous work, it can be expected that there will be a variety of missions and missions that need to be attacked in the future.

Is it “Division 2” or “Division” 2.0? 
Not funny, but not new

It is neither made nor fun, nor is it new. 

This is the first impression of Division 2 through the beta. It is not a game that is big, but not made. If you are a user who enjoys ‘division’, you will be able to get used quickly, and even if you enjoy playing it, you can easily adapt without having to do your previous work. However, it is a problem that it is ambiguous whether it is ‘Division 2’ or ‘Division’ 2.0. 

Developers aim to improve the shortcomings of the previous work is about to say that the development of the content so far released in the ‘Division 2’ only content that can be the only 8-raid and the clandestine system. The battle system, level design, and various content, I could hardly feel the difference from the previous version in the beta, and it is said that it is ambiguous as to whether it is a sequel 2.0 expansion pack. 

Of course, this is only about this beta. In fact, we have also seen ‘Divisions’ gradually evolve as they update. In case of ‘Division 2’, we have already announced that we will provide all 3 DLCs to be released in the first year free of charge.

But then, you have to hurry. The situation is different when ‘Division’ comes first and ‘Division 2’ is different. Although there was a criticism at the beginning, ‘Division’ was a new game, and it showed its novelty. But ‘Division 2’ is different. There is an expectation for the second part. And unfortunately in beta, it does not meet the expectations. The key is new. I am wondering what kind of differences Daegu 2 will show.