Experiences Battle Royale of the ‘Swordsmen’, Spell Break


Magic is the word that flickers even when you hear the name. ‘Magic’ that transcends the inevitable limit that humans can not overcome. It is probably the most famous imaginative crystal created by humans to forget the shackles in reality. 

I imagined a lot of children. I am like a mage who wields the power of the wind on my two legs, freely flying through the sky, and freely handling fire and ice. Though in reality, both legs are sincerely grounded, and I do not know how to handle the fire outside the gas range, but that fleeting imagination would make me happy. 

In JK Rowling’s famous novel Harry Potter, Mugle came out. It is a word for those who can not use magic. As Harry Potter became famous, Mug was used in various media. We are all Muggles, those who are ordinary and can not escape the principles of the world. 

Spellbreak, recently developed by indie game developer Proletariat, is a game full of Muggian imagination. A spell brake that deals with fire, deals with ice, and combines various properties to unleash colorful magic. It is a pleasant survival prospect for Mugu who dreams of rebellion, unlike any Battle Royale that we have ever met.


The impression of the character facing the spellbrakes reminds me of the legend of Zelda: wild breath. Pastel-toned graphics, neat and fairy-tinged, were also a bit different from other battle royal games. 

This sense is maintained in the battlefield as well. A tornado like a scene in a fairytale, a flaming fire that is brightly lit, and a poisonous cloud that seems to be seen in anime are some of the feelings that come into the book. There is a variety of magic on it, so it is really ‘awesome’. 

The rules of the game are simple. Fight against 30 mages on an isolated island and survive as the last person or squad. Just a magical gauntlet instead of a gun, but a potion instead of a bandage. The curtain of the circle that gradually narrows the map also exists. 

However, the spellbreak gave the character a strong personality. As soon as the player enters the battlefield, he chooses two types of jobs and begins with a different character. You can learn a variety of passive skills by choosing 2 of 11 jobs, and that passive skill has a profound effect throughout the game. 

For example, you can choose Tempest and Pyroman to equip yourself with the advantage and recovery ability in air combat. You can also find a variety of utilities such as scavenger and crack shot to find items and target enemy.

▲ conditional passive skill with powerful effects such as resurrection and recovery

Occupation does not include Active Attack skill separately. Basically, attacks and active skills follow the character’s mounted Gauntlets. Pyrolemans who deal with fire do not get much advantage if they wear ice and wind gauntlets. 

As such, it is important to select and wear your own goggles after you have chosen your job. In addition, the sub-gauntlet should have a stronger combination with the main gauntlet to create an advantageous synergy that can lead to a better battle. 

Spellbreaks have a unique magic interaction. For example, if you fire a Tornado spell, you will have a flame tornado, while a poison attack will be a poison tornado. In addition to this, you can freeze the poisonous cloud by attacking the poison cloud, blowing it with a flame attack or blowing it with a wind attack. 

Variables created by this combination of various attributes and skills lead to a confrontation of creativity, not merely fights, because of the unique characteristics of spellbreak.

Spellbreak magic of various combinations ▲

However, the biggest problem of the current spellbreak is that there is little meaning to utilize creativity. It is much more efficient and powerful than the combination of magic of the struggle with the opponent. Frankly, it is almost impossible to utilize the combination magic properly. 

Even if you choose your job and gauntlet carefully because of this very fundamental problem, it is difficult to fully exploit its performance. In fact, it is true that it is only used for lightning gauntlets with good range and solidity, and wind gauntlets with bodyguard functions. 

It is also a fatal disadvantage that the utilization of jobs is dependent on the gauntlets to be acquired at random. For example, if you choose Frostbone and Scavenger as your occupation to make ice gauntlets your primary weapon, and to facilitate farming, you must get an ice gauntlet to use passive skills. All occupations are passive, so if you can not get an ice cap, it’s like fighting with your body.

Of course, in the battle royal genre, the stage of pharming depends on a certain degree of luck, but there is a problem that the meaning of the job, which is the greatest identity of the game, shakes itself. It is too passive to be a core system. 

In addition, another regret is that we followed the grammar of Battle Royale. Despite the fresh idea of ​​a combination of 11 professions and magic, Battalion’s grammar is so faithfully implemented. To be honest, it’s a bit of a ridiculous feeling now. 

Whether it is necessary to fall from the sky, whether it is necessary to narrow the zone periodically and necessarily by circle, and whether or not the farming must pick up randomly scattered items. 

Of course, if you follow these grammars, you have the advantage of adapting quickly to the game. However, the color is not different. I have seen too much. 

It is true that this alpha test has left many pitfalls. It is a great regret that most of the good ideas are overflowing, and the possibility of appealing to gamers all over the world has been appreciated, but it is not able to dissolve it properly in the game, and it follows the grammar as a battle royal genre and its limitations. 

But there is also room for improvement. If the combination of magic in the future is diversified and the usability is enhanced, there is a high possibility that different kinds of fun will be created. In addition, we are expected to rebuild into a unique battle royal game with a distinctive difference when the occupation system and balance are more properly caught and the survival system of spellbreak alone is added. 

Dreaming of the Muggle’s delightful rebellion