Life stays daily, ‘Stilness of the Wind’


If it is long, it is short, if it is short, it is a day. ‘Stilness of the Wind’ is a game that keeps this ambiguous time, every day. 

‘The Stillness of the Wind’ is an adventure game developed by Lambic Studios and Memory of God, based on the previously released ‘Where the Goes are.’ It is the main character Tarema left alone in the wasteland where all the families have left, and it contains the contents to live the farmhouse life by cultivating the field, raising the goat. 

Well. In fact, ‘Stilness of the Wind’ is a bit boring, to be honest, to put it nicely. It is all about getting a little farmhouse in a desolate place and receiving family news. In addition, the footsteps of the horses are slow and should be relaxed. 

Nevertheless, I am writing this article because the two thoughts that followed the game were constantly troubling my mind. I want to talk about the message of “Stilness of the Wind” and the feelings I would like to convey. 

Life, enduring every day

Tala, who has reached the end of his life, takes care of the farmhouse with a slow step. There were only two goats near her, and all of her family left the town and left for the city. Her day is packed with a day care for the farmer, and a letter of occasional family news is a trivial event.

As I said before, ‘Stilness of the Wind’ contains stories of living every day. No, it would be better to endure. There is work to take care of the farmhouse, but there is no vitality in it. I spend the day and wait for the next day. A day without a conversation is gathered every day to become a quiet day, and a lonely life.

In the matter of dealing with the material called ‘Everyday’, a movie called Everyday (2012), which I had seen in my friends and movie theater a long time ago, came up. It’s a movie by Michael Winterblatt, a director who creates a realistic fiction that is documentary-like, and deals with quiet life. The main character, Karen, makes a hard living every day, and occasionally goes to see the husband who is in prison with four children. 

Oh, like the game, the movie “Everyday” is hard to recommend. It’s fun to see children growing naturally in the movie because they are filmed over a long period of time, but it can be really boring. We know that in reality, everyday things are hard to come up with, but we are looking forward to the moment the event takes place in the film.

▲ Movie Everyday (2012)

The biggest event in the movie is going to the prison to meet her husband with her children. As if to receive a letter from ‘Stilness of the Wind’ is the biggest event. Other than that, a great deal does not happen. That’s why I’m a little nervous. 

In the film, Karen ‘s life is spent busy life. The distance between Karen, her children and her husband is similar to the distance between herma and her family living in the city. They all live the same 24 hours, but their time flows are different. The special event, which receives reunions at the prison and receives letters from the game, is special because it is the moment when people who live in different time zones meet for a while.

▲ As you read the letter, you will experience the time of family members who are riding for a while.

There are a number of messages that the two pieces convey, but it is shared that having a common relationship with someone means sharing time. What makes your family family-like. Relationships, or feelings that can be called love, become sticky as they share each day together. While living at different times, Karen ‘s marital relationship is twisted, and the life of Talma is filled with loneliness. 

Feeling impressed should also be timed

I felt a lot, but the most fatal drawback of ‘Stilness of the Wind’ is that it starts out too slow. It is also hard to endure the speed of the slow walking walk, and it is hard to spend some spare time after doing the routine. It is also tiring to wait for the merchant and letter carrier to arrive once. 

Slow is not just motion. How long till I see the ending? The slow development that I think is also painful. There are factors that need to be done to make a home garden, make cheese, buy things, but have little sense of accomplishment and little change. Naturally, this work is not the key, and you get the impression that the story will develop as you spend the day. But the deployment is too slow. The ending took about three hours.

The slow development makes it impossible to fully feel the endings that should have been received. I think I made an ending in hoping to feel some emotion, but the process is boring and it feels like a dumb thing. Intermediate courses make memories and affection, and when you see what happens in the endings, you have to feel joy, sorrow, and emotion, but they are only interfering. Personally, when I saw the ending, the feeling was ‘Oh, I’m finally done.’ Respectively. 

Though it is a little tired, it is said that life, love, destiny, success are timing. It’s a value you can get at a precise moment. Games and movies are the same. It is up to the timing to feel the sadness or feel the touch.

In this part, ‘Stilness of the Wind’ might have caught the wrong timing. From the message that the game wants to deliver and the feelings that the ending might give, they are not all “understood” by the head. It is not a problem that it is slow and uncomfortable. It is a problem that it is not transmitted slowly. 

Everything is considered in production. What part will cut the scene, what part will be conveyed from what angle, and what character the main character has. If I had to stick to the slow gait of the tale, I would have to make more changes in the other part, or increase the overall part of the production so as not to get bored with the journey to the ending. Especially, I think that modern people who are accustomed to rapid speed should have entered more trouble because it is the target layer. 

I was fast or the game was slow. My time in the realm of passing fast and fast. Even if I live in different time zones, the timing of “Stilness of the Winds” has been met with the time of my emotions.