[Review] Comprehensive gift set for series fans, ‘Bio Hazard RE: 2


It has been about 20 years since the first launch of BioHasd 2 in 1998, and about three years since 2015 when it was officially announced that it will be remade. The new ‘Bio Hazard RE: 2’, which most fans of ‘Bio Hazard’ series expect, was finally released on January 25th. 

The original “Biohazard 2” is a game with a lot of fan base, since the first announcement that the developers decided to make the production to repay the support of the fans. If the first series, “Bio Hazard,” presented the possibility of a console version survival horror genre, the second and third episodes that followed could have contributed decisively to the series’s long longevity. 

After that, from 4th to 6th, he focused more on the action and added freshness to the franchise, but Capcom chose to return to the survival horror from 7th. We have developed a new RE engine for a more realistic visual depiction, and have followed the basics of the past one to three while adopting an unprecedented first-person view in the series. Even if it was the first time, the reporter who wondered whether this was really a “biohazard” was also playing the game himself, and there was no disagreement about the release of the official numbering. 

“Bio Hazard RE: 2”, which remake the game 20 years ago, based on realistic graphic depiction through the RE engine shown in the previous game, So far, 95% of the user ratings of the meta-critical score of 91 and the 7,500 of Steam have been positive,

Since the original work is a remake, ‘Bio Hazard RE: 2’ could not have been completely free from the original. I also felt the need to provide some freshness for gamers who are new to the series. And the developer, Capcom, has been successful in successfully balancing the two.

▲ this scene in 1998

▲ I came back after 20 years.

It’s about 20 years after the original game, “Biohazard 2,” which comes back with a new look
, adds new elements to the features of the existing game

Before talking about this work, I think I should start with the original work “Bio Hazard 2”. The components that fans remember about Biohazard 2 include two main characters (Leon and Claire), a raucous atmosphere in Racoon City, which is the main stage, and main characters and supporting characters that will be encountered during the main storyline. 

Basically, most of these elements can also be found in this work, Biohazard RE: 2. There are some changes in settings and directing to make the story smoother, but the overall story is not much different from what it was 20 years ago. The most striking part of the story is the change in the order in which the supporting characters are introduced, as well as the directing that allows them to identify their more personal aspects. 

One example is the “Robert Kendo”, the total rewarder that will be encountered in the past in “Biohazard 2”. The character that appeared in the original work was a somewhat outlandish character who let the main character enter the door of the gun without locking the door of the gun while the entire city became flaming, and afterwards, to say goodbye to the emergence of the zombie. Although his work has not increased in weight, I was able to get a glimpse of his situation and his humanity through realistic graphic depiction and cut scenes.

▲ Added a cut god to illuminate the character and character of the supporting characters.

The difference in gameplay is that instead of the “jumping system” that existed in the original, it changed into a way to clear the stories of Leon and Claire. The original ‘Jumping System’ is a method of playing a character from two characters, and then playing the game by manipulating another character by changing the CD at a certain interval. In this work, it is possible to play to the end if you choose a character of Leon and Claire without replacing the character in the middle. Also, if you look at the ending with a specific character, the second story of the other character is cleared, and you can see the true ending of the game when clearing it. 

Each game progressed by the two characters is not only different from the story, but also a great change occurs in the interval in which the game proceeds. Each character has different key shapes and key items to be gained during play, which makes it impossible for Claire to go to the space he was able to play when playing with Leon. So, despite the games being played in limited places (Raccoon City Police, Sewer, and Underground Research Institute), I did not feel repeatedly when I played both characters.

▲ Intermediate supporting characters appear, but the structure is the first character to play

Of course, there are changes that have come back to the remake work like this, but the basic foundation of the game was following the “Bio Hazard 2” in the past. Gamers who encountered the series after the 4th action series emphasized action, there are no evasive movements when zombies attack themselves, and there is no reason to feel that there is no button action with strong attacks when the enemies are staggered Is here. 

If you take a look at the previous seven episodes, the basic play will follow the grammar of the biohazard in the past. In the limited space of the mansion, open the locked doors through the game and explore every corner of the house. In addition, we had to plan to reach the target point as soon as possible without encountering the enemy by using the base where the item box which can put together the limited inventory was placed. 

This is also true of ‘Biohazard RE: 2’. Only this part did not change much from the original 20 years ago. They face puzzles and padlocked cabinets everywhere, and they release them to secure even a little more resources. If you want to reduce your play time in the next few moments, you will find yourself taking notes of the clues you have gained in the past.

It’s been a long time since I wrote down my password on my notes.
You thought it was a “zombie” now? 
Slow, persistent zombies are a long-felt fear

▲ At least at least 50 bullets needed to kill

It is not just that the original was back with a remake of the original 20 years ago. The enemy who faces the most in the game, zombies, came back to us in the past. 

However, over the past two decades, we have seen a variety of films, games, and novels. As time went by, the zombies became more and more frightening to people, and as a result, novel zombies began to break out of the conventional common sense, such as running zombies, swimming zombies, and thinking zombies (even to a boyfriend zombie). 

Of course, this is also a problem that we have to worry about in the “Bio Hazard” series which has continued to release the sequel until now. It is a similar situation that the Kanaido, which infected with parasitoids instead of zombies, has appeared since 4th. I did not even have a zombie on my 7th album.

▲ Nowadays, it is time to shoot zombies and self-censorship (in ‘Dead Rising 4’)

That does not mean that zombies in Biohazard RE: 2 are no longer afraid of us anymore. I have already become more frightened from the grotesque appearance of the RE engine. However, their extraordinary “masterpiece” is a horror, and the zombie that appears in this work does not die easily even if it is shot in the head, and it rushes constantly toward the protagonist when the limbs fall off. It also has the potential to survive as long as the head is attached. 

The persistence of these zombies doubles the panic (which may be annoying to some individuals) in conjunction with the classic “biohazard” play style that keeps moving, exploring the room, and collecting resources. How many guns do you need to shoot? However, there is no sickness or avoidance movement that is familiar from the existing works in order to avoid it. Capcom has resurrected the original traits of zombies in 20 years.

▲ Tilent also plays a big role

In addition, zombies are not the only thing in this game. Monsters such as Liquor, Tilant, and botanical infectors appearing in the original work have also been remade. Lichar, who had been attacked only on the floor in the past due to technological limitations, now frees the ceiling and walls, annoys the main character, and overwhelms the listener with only the footsteps. If you stick with some persistent zombies in the middle of your opponents, you get scared in a different way. 

Of course, no matter how persistent zombies are, they can basically work, so if you do not have a lot of people, you can easily handle them. Also, as you become accustomed to the game and get into the game more and more, it is also true that you get ahead of fear rather than hassle. But if you think about all of them, it’s the same as the original ‘Bio Hazard 2’, you can see how much the original remake version is.

▲ Let’s run back without looking back.
did not
expect to be able to remake tofu mode to be honest.

▲ The fourth survivor of Hungk

In ‘Biohazard RE: 2’, ‘Ghost Survivor’ mode will be released, which will cover the story of the players in the game through free updates as well as additional modes besides the main story included in the original game. 

The mini games included in the game at the time of release are ‘Fourth Survivor’ and ‘Tofu mode’. In the case of the fourth survivor, Umbrella is a mini-game that escapes Raccoon City within a limited time due to the special character “Hengk” belonging to Umbrella. “Tofu Mode” is a game that escapes Raccoon City with literally tofu as its main character. When the main story is cleared up to the second story, the ‘Fourth Survivor’ opens and you can play ‘Tofu Mode’ when you complete it. 

I was aware of the existence of tofu mode from the time of the release of Biohazard RE: 2 at E3 in 2018, but to be honest, I did not expect Capcom to remake tofu mode until then. That’s also because the original heading mode included the dummy data used for debugging in the development phase. 

Such a tofu mode would have been able to complete this work without being included in the game, and even if it did, the original fans may have stopped just missed the absence of tofu mode. However, Capcom, who has been asking the question “why is there no toilet in Racun City Police Station” for the last 20 years, did not want to miss any of the fans’ voices.

Look at the tofu, which is delicately represented by the RE engine.

Quickly run away before you get torn.

In addition to the mini-games, I have not forgotten the elements that allow me to play the book again and again. That is the rank system of the series tradition. If you clear the Normal or Hardcore difficulty to S, S + rating, you can use the weapons you can use for the next turn, which will allow you to use unlimited ammo to defeat all enemies and play fun do. 

However, the condition to clear the game beyond this S rank is quite difficult. For normal difficulty, the game should be cleared within 3 hours and 30 minutes (3 hours for the second story), and within 2 hours and 30 minutes for the hardcore difficulty (2 hours for the second story). In the case of S + rank, you can not use infinite weapons in addition to the time limit, or you must clear your game three times or less. 

As you can see in the above conditions, the journey to acquire infinite weapons is not so easy. For gamers who are not familiar with the series, it’s just a matter of repeating play several times, memorizing maps, and shortening the time to solve puzzles. After achieving the S rank after suffering, it is enough to feel the reward even if it kills the enemies which are in sight beforehand easily and comfortably.

▲ The story of the supporting actors who were not in the original work will also be released by free DLC
Literally, the original gift set for the fans of the original developer ‘s
hearty listen to the fans’ voice

No matter how big the fans are, no matter how big the company is, it could be a remastered version of the current resolution or a game with the latest graphics to make money without any effort. But Capcom chose to listen to the fans’ voices instead, and the results can be seen throughout the game. As well as the original costumes of the two protagonists, and the prototype version of the original version called ‘Bio Hazard 1.5’, ‘Elsa Walker’ dresses, it is a question of how much developers have been struggling to satisfy series fans. 

Gameplay along with the original work, newly added elements, mini games. It is literally the same as a comprehensive gift set for fans. It was announced that it started development to repay the support of the fans, and it was released after three years, but the fans are fully satisfied with the result. So far, the user’s evaluation seems to have received a positive response to gamers who are new to the series. 

It is a bonus to renew the image of the developer by satisfying the fans who have been waiting for a while, and in this work, the “Bio Hazard” series is well received and records a thirty-one hit. It will be a pleasure to be a fan of the series, but it is also meaningful that the survival horror genre, which can hardly be seen these days, is able to keep up with it.

I do not know whether Capcom’s release of the Biohazard series will be a regular re-numbering or an episode of three remixes with as many fans as two. But what we can see through ‘Biohazard RE: 2’ is that the developers listen when the fans collect their voices. I hope that it will not be too late to meet “Jill Valentine,” a re-born RE engine.