[Review] ‘Meta bus keeper’, fun with slow log-likes shooting


The log-likes-shooting genre can be a consumed genre as it is consumed in some way. Is it because it is a genre that has become a stardom in terms of stamina through ‘Isaac’s burnt offering’ and ‘Enter the sound’? Since then, many indie games have been used as log-likes. However, most of them did not produce good results. 

It was true that it was armed with elements that pleased the eyes and ears, from the dot graphic that stimulates the flavor somewhere to the feast of the barrage that fills the screen, but it was not much different from those games that pioneered the genre. However, ‘Meta bus keeper’ was different. I did not just follow it, I melted my own color. Unlike traditional games that ranged from long range weapons, we put a variety of melee weapons, and the battle system was designed so that the player could overcome the difficulty by stepping over the screen instead of filling the screen. 

Can Metaverse Keeper bring the frozen Logwright Shooting genre to life once again after Isaac’s burnt-out and enter-the-whack? In order to confirm this, I played ‘Metaverse Keeper’, which was recently released.

Heaviness instead of lightness

One of the characteristics of the Metaverse Keeper is that it is heavy. Existing log-like shooters have been mostly light. Gameplay was also a way of moving lightly and quickly, attacking the enemies by poking through the barrels to fill the screen. Of course, as the enemies open their barrels, the player was also pumping out bullets without any reason, so the way of the game emphasized lightness. First, to avoid barrages that fill the screen, we had to re-accelerate. 

However, Metaverse keeper has chosen to use heaviness instead of lightness. It is also true that at first, this heaviness felt frustrating. It is considered to be a shortcoming but there are some things that have been gained. It is a tactical part, such as the battle tempo and capture. 

The player is slow, and the enemies are not fast either. And it does not stretch barrels to fill the screen. It seems to be easy at first, but it is not. All attacks are breathtaking. This requires more individual player skills compared to traditional log-likes shooting games that seem to require a bit of luck. It is a characteristic of ‘Meta bus keeper’ which is gained thanks to the fact that it chose to be heavy and abandoned lightness.

Of course, the heaviness of this ‘meta bus keeper’ does not just work. Depending on your taste, this heaviness may catch your ankle. Avoidance also has a long cooldown, so the enemy’s attack is obvious. Thanks to this, this heaviness may feel frustrating until the battle gets used to it. 

Nevertheless, this heaviness is not always stifling. As soon as you get used to it, you will be able to see the enemy’s attack and avoid and attack it.

Who decides to put in a ranged weapon?

Is it because we chose heaviness instead of lightness in the beginning. “Metaverse keepers’ two be a variety of melee weapons in there first feature log Like a shot , there are a variety of melee weapons, so the unusual one. I did not miss the fun of using weapons because of the various skills and attributes given to each weapon. 

For example, you can freeze an enemy with a chance of ice properties, and it is recommended that you use various weapons depending on the situation, rather than just sticking to a single weapon, because it is made advantageous to handle nearby enemies at once with the hammer skill.

Especially these various weapons shine more and more when playing multiplayer. This is because not only weapon’s attack power but also various attributes and characteristics are added, and it is possible to show the highest efficiency according to a combination of weapons. Bosses can continue to do damage with poison weapons, and if not, they can dismiss enemies or disrupt bosses at once. Strategies can be created by the presence of various weapons. 

On the other hand, the various weapons are also made by the heaviness of ‘meta bus keeper’. If you had to move like any other log-likes shooter and the barrels filled up the screen, the Metaverse Keeper could not have put a melee weapon either. No, I do not know who wrote it. I would not have been able to attack with melee weaponry properly. But the Metaverse keeper made it possible to use a variety of weapons by choosing heaviness. Small changes have led to changes that change the grammar of log-likeshooting.

▲ In addition to weapons, you can strengthen your ability through a kind of auxiliary equipment, chip
Heavily selected instead of lightness

It is a ‘meta bus keeper’ that is different from the previous log-likes shooting game. At first it may seem a bit awkward and uncomfortable. But when you do it, the meta bus keeper comes up with the heavy fun you choose. Instead of giving up on familiarity, I’ve seen a new game. 

On the other hand, I would like to give a high score because I am still in the process of developing it. Of course, it is still not bad in terms of perfection. The basic combat system is almost finished, and the only thing left to do is finish it up and finish it. 

It is a meta bus keeper that approaches and fun in many ways from other aspects of log-likes shooting games. I hope that the game will be officially released as I hope it will bring life to the log-likes shoot, which is considered to be the depleted genre.