[Review] PS4 battleground spreading base, taste ‘freshness’ after a long time


Finally, ‘Battle Ground’ released the PS4 version last 7 days, further widening the base of the game. Although the Xbox version already existed, it is somewhat disappointing that PS4 users do not have ‘Battleground’, but now the PS4 version has been released. 

Personally, the battlegrounds were titles played before they became popular as ‘full-fledged’. Rather, I did not feel attractive at the time, but I watched a couple of boards with the squad, and I was attracted to see the team members’ enthusiasm and interesting situation, so I remembered that Barinyi’s tee was hard enough to take off. 

So I actually had a lot of expectations in PS4 version. Because it’s a joystick manipulation … I wonder if there are a lot of “ball liners”? I also thought it would be a lot of funny things while I was dumb. It seemed that I could have done an inter-water technique such as bread fishing and energy drink fishing. 

So I purchased and installed the PS4 version. And although it is not much more than the PC version, it seems to play to the level enough to grasp the atmosphere of the game. From the conclusion, PS4 version of the battleground is a bit disappointing, but it can be said that the title of the platform is enough.

Ham Bokal is like an actor in the form of an actor.

Eli’s bag was also a gift. Oh yeah!
PS4, PC’s contents and functions have almost brought all the
achievements, training areas, shops, ranking are all … fast new map and FPP …

The overall lobby screen is something of a touch. It is very similar to the “Mirama” version, but the menu is set to the console version and has a lot of depth, but there was no inconvenience to the operation. In-game, most of the content was available, including stores and customization, training areas, and ranking system checks. 

This version of PS4 also applies to Erlangel, Mirama, and San-Map. Unfortunately, the new map ‘Vijendi’ can not be played right now. However, the update on the PC version was done today (19th), and the version of PS4 will be able to enjoy the snowy map viscounty through the update later. It would be nice if the snowy map appeared at the same time as it opened, but it is a bit disappointing. Currently the PS4 version only supports TPP mode (third person), FPP mode (first person) is not yet available. 

The PS4 version brings all the core features and content of the original PC version. There is no big difference, there is an advantage that you can feel free to enjoy. Interesting challenges from Steam can be found in trophies. 

Something very familiar feeling

In-game graphic is also something of a past thought … I am satisfied that there is no frame drop once.
Optimized interface for batting ground ‘Farming’ I felt with joystick
, sensitivity adjustment is essential!

I was enjoying the battle ground for the first time with a PC, so I thought that the manipulation of the joystick could not be helped. Of course I played shooting games with a joystick, but I guess I needed some time to get used to it? I felt that the key arrangement itself was optimized to speed up ‘pharming’. 

Items are directly linked to survival. It is really important that I am capable and the situation is judged, but if I can secure my safety with better equipment, I can make ‘angle’ to see the situation more easily. So, PS4 version of the item can be so much that you can also be careful about the part that seems to be able to.

But there are birth limits. Joystick is difficult to select items faster than mouse and keyboard operation. So, of course, it takes a long time to get to ‘Farming’, so I feel strangely strange. In the PC version, I was able to quickly find the equipment on the floor, eat only what was necessary, and quickly settled down, but I feel strange that it takes a considerable amount of time to farm and organize. “Oh, what should I do if I get a gun?” The feeling of pressure to the magnetic field that is shrinking with the strange anxiety and the safe zone made in the distant place. Everything reminds me of the past. 

When I drive, I need to adjust the sensitivity. need. Latora in Elangel … not driving UAZ, but it became a dead artist because of the crazy handling like driving the Bikendi snow field. After several adjustments, it was a satisfactory driver, so I recommend you adjust the driving sensitivity of the pad in the training area.

Since various options can be adjusted, it is recommended to make it fine.

Because the loading button has to press and hold the operation button, there are occasional occasions when it is unreasonable. It seems to have been a habit of reloading on the spot if all of these were consumed in the PC version. 39/240 I’ve never been able to … In the PS4 version, it is necessary to consume all the bullets to a certain situation or to play in the sigh. I was worried about what would happen if I could not catch the speaker correction until the gun was over. 

In the game, the reaction of the gun is corrected to some degree, and the shot itself is easy feeling. In PC version, UMP9 which had very little recoil based on the installation of full parts is often used because it has almost no recoil if it is equipped with full parts (compensator), and AUG which is surprising recoil is also full parts (compensator – angle grip) , It is very ‘well’ better than the PC version. However, DMR guns such as SLR, which have a powerful power, also had a considerable recoil even on the basis of full-parts, so it was necessary to pay attention to their use.

And most of all, there is ‘static’ unique to console FPS. Unlike the PC where the fighting occurs as soon as you meet enough to say “The hand is faster than the eye”, the console-specific FPS has something ‘static’. If the PC FPS is almost ready to go out of the bullet before the sound of “Ack!” As soon as you meet it, then the console FPSs will be able to ” And there is a static, human beauty between them. It’s probably the most common thing people like me who have not been able to fit perfectly into a shot with a joystick. This is strangely fun. Of course, as soon as I made contact with the PC like a plate, there was a super high-speed gun that destroyed a two-level military helmet.

AUG Speaker It seems to fit very well with this quick magazine.

I got confident and matched, but after a 0.1 second of eye contact, the pot was bursting.

This is the area of ​​concern. In any case, the joystick has a disadvantage in FPS compared to mouse-keyboard operation. So a keyboard or mouse that can connect to the PS4 has tremendous advantages on the battleground. I do not think it’s a hardware flaw. 

The basic operation and the item farming are also advantageous, but for the shot, the keyboard-mouse combination becomes a powerful advantage that can not be compared to anything else. In fact, the hardware support of the player can not be helped by the game companies. I wonder if the PS4 version or console version can be described as a war against ‘Kima’, as users expressed in a joke that users in the past PC version are fighting ‘nuclear’.

Driving should always be careful.

I am a little familiar with it, but I feel like I’m going to be killa-soo ~ folio.
Uniform frame Tangpyeong
Frame Drop is a graphic that can hardly be found, but it is hard to imagine.

The ‘frame’ is probably the biggest advantage and disadvantage of the console. Since the ‘specification’ of the device has been set, the optimization work itself could have been easier, and the ‘frame all the same’ was done. Users who have played more than 120 frames on the existing PC may feel a little disappointed in the PS4 version of the fixed frame. 

However, unlike the PC version, in which the frame was different for each user, the PS4 version has the advantage that all of the frames are the same. In other words, it is almost certain that I will not see it if I see it, and I do not see it. There are very few differences in how many frames are displayed and not visible. If you are a user to catch this level, you will be able to keep a considerable amount of time … However, the frame drop is hardly felt in the game, so it was possible to play pleasantly.

The achievements I saw on Steam were the same.

Apart from the frame, the graphics of the game obviously need adjustment. If you are currently playing Battleground on PC version, you may feel “nostalgia” on screen of PS4 version. PS4 Pro is also a level of the middle of the PC version of the option can be said. Personally, I do not care much, but I think there might be some sensitive users. And I think the brightness control option of the map is absolutely necessary. 

Due to the nature of the console game, most games that need to be watched closely or have constant eye fatigue are able to adjust the brightness in the game. However, PS4 version of Battlegrounds does not have that part. There may be some individual differences, but in the PC version, Miramawa Elangel and Sanok map are all maps that need to adjust their brightness. Especially, this updated Snowy Bendy is especially sensitive to brightness. Do not you need to adjust these options before the snowy map is updated?

Battlegrounds enjoyed by PS4, but it is obvious that it lacks ‘freshness’ after taste
, but there is definitely attraction.

In fact, I had some doubts about the PS4 version before playing. Is there a reason why the PC version is better in the first place, and those who play in a better environment will move to the PS4 considering the unfamiliar joystick? In addition, the speed of updating frames, graphics, and content is also lacking in PCs. In addition, if the PS4 Pro is not the case that the frame is sometimes degraded, there are many other games already. It is not an exception to be praise. 

However, when I play it, the console seems to have a charm of the console. Somewhat uncomfortable graphics and options have become familiar with most of the time, so I have not been careful and I have been devoted to survival, and the frame is fair to everyone anyway. Joysticks were also similar environments if you were not forced to connect them. Above all, the anxious matching was lively enough to be caught within 10 seconds despite 3 o’clock in the morning. 

Also, the environment of the game itself was said to be the same language. If you are a player who missed the freshness of those days, it is not too bad to experience the PS4 version. In the early days of service, it is fun to look back at the pictures of the bunnies, and since I am not familiar with the operation,

If there was a game content or functionally unsatisfactory part, the matching and the environment itself were very satisfied. Once you have Kima users, but at least you have not seen the “nuclear” that you are getting rid of. Honestly, the atmosphere and the environment alone have made me feel attractive enough to play. Function or content can get better, but the atmosphere in the game is very difficult to adapt when you miss the timing of adaptation.

Even at dawn in Korean time, I was surprised to find that the match was very good. It would have been better if FPP came along too …

Obviously there is a shortage of PS4 version compared to PC version. There are also a number of problems, but Battleground is definitely one of the most famous and popular “survival” games. The move to broaden the base of PCs as well as Xbox, Mobile, and PS4 is very positive. 

The PS4 version has been in service for less than two weeks now. There are still patches that need to be constantly updated, and there is definitely a need for improvement. It’s not a perfect title. So I hope there is more hope. If you listen to user feedback enough and concentrate on the fun that can be felt only in ‘console’ which is different from the PC version, ‘Battleground’ PS4 version will be an attractive option for users.

Confidently in folio style …

What the folio is … only ‘Zone Burrow’ will live.