[Review] Respect for Tradition – A Gutter 3


The ‘Goddess’ series is a ‘dramatic torture action’ game in which characters with special abilities use ‘Wardrobe’ to defeat Aragami. In the dramatic game, the weight of the story is quite different from that of other tactical action games, and it is characterized by a fast-paced action that can be replaced at any time with a ranged-near-weapon and shield. 

The player takes a journey to disintegrate Aragami, which is the threat of this kind of humanity, with the weapon called “Wang”. Interestingly, this game is not a game by itself. It is also a personality and an identity that a party with NPCs must be played in a single play because of the feature that attaches importance to ‘connection’. 

The Gatte series is a series of history that has just begun the ninth anniversary. The games that started with PSP were PS VITA, PS4, PC and mobile. Various games that share the world view were released, and animations were also shown with media mix. It is a game that has a lot of fans in Japan, and it has a certain recognition in Korea. 

Unfortunately, although it has not been released in Korean for the time being, the Gatta series has finally been released as ‘Korean version’ The PS4 version will be released on January 24, and the PC version will be officially released on February 8. The interesting thing is that the Gatta series has been changed in three parts. As the production changed, so many changes of ‘God 3’ were natural.

Once the customization system is a little uncomfortable, but the level is slightly.

Change of ‘action’ that respects tradition
Show ‘good change’ such as burst arts, dive action, and Ingeji

As the production company changed from Shift to Marvelous, ‘Action’, which can be described as the identity of God 3, has undergone a big change. First of all, BloodArts has been replaced by BurstArts, and BurstArts has been increased to three. Thanks to the increased burst art, you can do a lot more action than before. Thus, acquiring / using link bursts through the predator action and strengthening / maintaining the burst status are the key elements of this work. In BurstArts, BurstArts is also automatically enhanced if you use it steadily, and other BurstArts is a form of demolition. 

Each available weapon also has two additional melee weapons, plus a new barrel Reagan, increasing the options you can set. The player can set his character using a total of 8 melee weapons, 4 barrels and 3 armor. However, it is notable that the effect of the skill of the left winger is greatly lower than that of the previous work. 

In addition to this, the bullet edit system has also been changed, and the setting of my colleagues has become very important as I am connected with my colleague, “Ingeeji”. The map movement, which was pointed out as a very uncomfortable thing in the previous work, became much easier with the addition of the hovering action dive, and the setting of the excel was triggered by the addition of an excel trigger triggered under certain conditions.

Although it was a big change, the actions of God 3 follow the rules of tradition. The basic rule is to avoid and hit. There, it creates a burst state through predation, restores OP by melee attack and consumes OP by ranged attack. You can defeat Aragami with a powerful attack through Burst Arts here. If you do not know, you have to be right. Following the basic rules of ‘Hunting Action’ did not change. Block, avoid, and defeat. 

In addition to this, you can cooperate with your colleagues with the above mentioned ‘Ingeeji’ (both on and offline), and you can set up custom bullets and perform Aragami hunting more efficiently. 

Compared to a typical hunting action game “Monster Hunter”, God’s action tempo is very fast. Despite the fact that the Gatta 3 has a much slower tempo than the previous one, the overall tempo has improved. The action itself, such as avoiding, jumping, and diving, is designed to be operated with a gorgeous and fast tempo. Depending on the weapon, it feels heavy enough.

As the burst arts became three, the action became clear.

Aragami, a new addition to the game, is an arduous battle, and the design itself is very good. It is the battle of God 3 that is the most difficult battle with ability to multiply and burst. If you get a predation, you will get ‘erosion’ status for a certain period of time and you will get a penalty that can only be a responder when you retire. 

In the erosion state, engageable can not be triggered, and linkage is impossible. In case of a burst state, the burst is canceled forcibly, and if it is a predator, it becomes a burst state. It is a kind of arousal state in which the stamina is strengthened and the pattern is strengthened. The predation pattern can only be blocked with just guard, and I tend to use it fairly often until predation is successful. The different types and patterns of the different types of dynamics in the class missions show the difficult difficulty of hunting.

Inadequate change in the change part
Improved graphics in the coarse things, the balance of weapons and the balance

With these added monsters and colorful actions, God 3 has a distinct and distinct character from the previous series. It would have been nice if all this worked out well, but it does not mean there are no disadvantages. It is difficult to maintain the burst due to the delay and skill reorganization of the predator attack, which must be looked at when it ends, and the efficiency is extremely dramatic for each new era. 

The newly added Reagan’s shotguns are powerful enough to crush even the most powerful geniuses. And while burst attacks have been stronger in a variety of patterns, the overwhelming performance of the jump attack has monotonized the ‘efficient’ deal cycle. Of course, if you do it yourself, it can be a bit of a blur because it can be colorful. And is it good to know that some of the patches that early users pointed out to the 1.1 patch have been resolved? 

However, the action of ‘God 3’ is not cheap. The lightness of the action with fast tempo action and burst arts and ingege system is considerable. If you pursue something that is efficient, you can not help but be forced to choose the setting and the setting of the game. I think this is bound to be on their own. ‘Monster Hunter’ too, if you pursue extreme dealing, you will only get the weapon you set. Personally, I think there is a system of ‘God 3’ only, and I think it is a decent action that has managed to find the midpoint of the personality of the existing series.

What is disappointing is the story of graphics and games. The graphics for the field and the aragami have developed so well that they would be popular with users who had played previous works. The effect and the directing are so gorgeous that the taste is enough. Still, the graphical tendency of the cartoon feeling itself is always going to go away.

The process of acquiring a colleague is very important, and storage is very important.

However, the early game story is insufficient enough to feel the need to leave remains. Although there is a crisis in the beginning and the development, there is no “effort” to resolve the crisis and the development of the next story is greatly disturbing the immersion feeling. Also, there is no sub-story for each character that existed in the series. 

Despite the improved graphics, the feeling of immersion is greatly diminished when you see a graphic object that is so coarse that it is in the middle of story production. This is a ‘thin stiller’ level that you can not help but see. The story is very important as it is called ‘dramatic hunting action’. These are things that make existing fans unhappy. 

Luckily, the development team may be able to improve on such an unsatisfactory part by making various promises such as updating more than 100 missions and providing extended DLC. However, when I saw the work “Gatte 2 Rage Burst”, which was a previous work, I was disappointed by the fans.

Besides, I was not able to immerse myself in wearing these costumes, so I finally changed my clothes.
In the middle of tradition and change of series … 
The ‘God 3’

The Gatta series reached three episodes and made a big difference. In the meantime, the things that God has built up, world view, concept and action, are subdivided and reconstructed from the hands of Marvelous. There are quite a few fans in the series, so I feel that the development team of Marvelous has considered for fans. 

As the series continues, all of the games change a lot. The change may or may not be acceptable. Gatert 3 is in that sense a very ‘subtle location’. It is clear that there is a huge change and a tradition of ‘God’s Eater’ in it. Rather, the action is more colorful than the previous work, the new fans may feel that the previous action is more flat. 

However, it can not be denied that existing fans will be greatly saddened by the storyline that will show the identity of ‘dramatic’, the pattern and balance of Aragami. To sum up, should we say that we respect the tradition but feel the great feeling that we are missing? That ‘s why it feels like Gatta 3 will get double – sided evaluation. 

Fans of the current series are paying attention to the broadcast that starts on February 4th. The development team will release the latest information on the broadcast commemorating the 9th anniversary of the series, and the contents of the update and the contents of the event will be covered. If there are various improvements made by the free update part which is not satisfactory as the present, I think that the disappointment of the fans can be solved to some extent.

Gaterta 3 still maintains the identity of ‘Dramatic Subjugation Action’, though it has changed the action style of the Gatert series. Instead, they have represented the Gatte series, and the ‘elements’ that fans liked were subtly changed or vanished, so it can not help but feel uncomfortable and heterogeneous in the fans’ standpoint. 

However, it should not be forgotten that it is the first title to become ‘Koreanized’ in Korea. The number of users entering the series with Gatta 3 may not be small, so I think that Gatta 3 is qualified enough as an introductory work. If you want a tempo-fast ‘inversion action’, God 3 is a bad choice.