[Weekly issue] Apex legend, a surprise blow blowing in the game world!


It is <INVEN NEWS> to gather the issue of the game for one week . 
What news was the biggest issue last week? 

EA’s new surprise, the Apex Legend, is really gusting. 
By the last 12 days, which was only one week after launch, the number of users who enjoyed the Apex Legend exceeded 25 million, and the number of the attendees exceeded 2 million. Faster than rival Battleground or Fortnight. Season 1, which has been awaited by many users, will start in March and will include new characters, legends, weapons and spoils.

Activision Blizzard announced that it would cut 8% of its total workforce and increase its development staff by 20% in non-development and administration. We plan to reduce the number of non-development workforce to increase efficiency and continue to invest in development. We plan to focus on large franchises by reducing the less productive sectors. In addition to investing in franchises, the company also announced its goal of launching pre-sales, mobile, in-game content and expansion packs.

Nintendo has unveiled a new lineup that will be released as a switch in 2019 through Nintendo Direct. 
In addition to ‘Astral Chain’ of Platinum Games, ‘Tetris 99’, ‘Tetris 99’, and ‘Tetris 99’ are available in addition to the ‘Super Mario Maker 2’, ‘Fire Emblem Weathering New Year’, Indie Expected ‘Blood Stained’ and Square Enix ‘ The remake of ‘Zelda’s Legendary Dream Island’ was followed by news that amazed the fans. Details of the major games featured are available in the article.

Nexon’s new mobile MMORPG Trache announced release schedule and service plan. 
It boasts a very high level of graphics, based on the Unreal Engine 4, and has an Infinity class system that allows you to play 7 jobs in one character. He also attracted the attention of many people by modeling Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth, famous for Tor. The reservation was made on the 14th day of the tour, and the server character name will be preempted on March 21 and will be officially opened on April 18.

An authentic Tetris Battle Royal game was launched. 
Tetris 99, which should be the last one among 99 users. The play method is the same as the existing Tetris, but it is characterized by tension and excitement, such as the KO numbers displayed and processed in real time by the enemies who are targeting me. The platform is a Nintendo switch, and the price is ‘free’.

Tera IP comes back once again. 
Cacao Games first announced the new BI with the official name of Terra Classic, the mobile terra game under development by LANTU Games. Terra Classic is a service provided by Cacao Games, and is in the final stages of its launch in the first half of this year.